CARBOFIX Tassel Anchor


Building reinforcement element consisting of carbon acrylic fiber and thermoplastic yarn in the form of tassels, used in the reinforcement of historical buildings, domes and reinforced concrete structures, which allows the meshes to work monolithically with the structure to increase adherence and bearing strength.

Application Areas:

  • Masonry, vaults and domes,
  • Reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures against earthquakes with carbon fiber,
  • Repair and strengthening of columns, beams and slabs of light – medium damaged structures,
  • Repair and reinforcement of deformed and damaged bridges, viaducts and overpasses,
  • Renovation and reinforcement of masonry structures,
  • Restoration and repair of historical monuments.


  • Compatible with CARBOFIX Tex and CARBOFIX Grid products.
  • FulL adaptation to the masonry structure.
  • High adherence and load carrying properties.
  • Easy to apply, reduces labor costs.
  • Flexible, provides resistance against shear stresses.
  • No corrosion problem compared to steel.
  • Easy to shape.
  • Easy to apply with epoxy and hydraulic lime mortar.