Modern buildings are meeting not only the housing needs of people but also respond to their aesthetics, comfort and safety needs. Technologically advanced buildings raise the living standards of their residents and ensure that they live a happy life. Construction chemicals play a key role in this comfort.

FIXA CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS was founded in 2001 in Istanbul, with the belief that advanced technology buildings can only be constructed with high technology chemicals, and became very soon one of the leading companies in its industry with its investment in research and development. Today, Fixa Construction Chemicals has an annual capacity of 350.000 tons of powdered, 5000 tons of MS-silicone mastic and 5000 tons of liquid chemical production in its 3 plants (İstanbul 2001, Adana 2009 and Ankara 2011)

In its fully automated production facilities in Istanbul, Ankara and Adana, FIXA produces high quality products for the construction industries both in Turkey and in the region. Fixa offers products in 11 different groups: adhesives, tile grouts, repair and reinforcement products, mortar admixtures, floor systems, water isolation systems, facade systems, sealants and foams, pvc adhesives and cleaning products.

FIXA respects Quality Control Systems as well as R&D and continuous training, to keep the highest standards in production and meet customer needs and expectations. All raw and semi-finished materials which affect the product quality and the finished products are object to required controls before shipment. In addition to TSE, TSEK and CE quality certificates, FIXA also has the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate for its products as well as other quality control certificates demanded in foreign markets.

FIXA also offers service to its customers with expert and professional sales and support teams to ensure the right product usage and application.

FIXA considers all its dealers as its business partners. In addition to its large dealer network throughout the country, FIXA exports to the neighboring countries, such as Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Libya, Syria and Iraq through the ports of Iskenderun and Mersin. FIXA also is a well-known brand in Russian Federation and neighboring countries following its investment in Russia.

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