PU 971

Product Code: 280 мл: 80971, 600 мл: 81971


Polyurethane based, single component, high modulus (HM) sealant and adhesive which is developed to provide adhesion and waterproofing in roofs, facades, sandwich panels, containers, wood, metal, composite and prefabricated structural elements.

Application Areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor,
  • Horizontal and vertical joint combinations and dilatation joints,
  • Roof and terrace dilatations and in joints of parapet corners,
  • To absorb vibrations in intersection details and joints of containers, truck booths etc.
  • Intersection details of prefabricated elements,
  • Assembly and isolation of sandwich panels in roof and facades,
  • Assembly and sealing of wood, metal, PVC, concrete, cement mixed chip panel and various composite boots, construction and container intersections.