Product Code: 1 kg: 68601, 5 kg: 68605


Single component, ready-to-use, solvent and isocyanate free, UV resistant, high technology transparent coating and waterproofing fluid material produced with silane terminated hybrid polymer technology. Suitable for light pedestrian traffic.

Application Areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor,
  • Balconies and terrace roofs with light pedestrian traffic,
  • Balconies and terraces covered with glazed tiles, ceramics, natural stone, marble, floor tiles, to provide waterproofing without changing the appearance of the material,
  • Reinforced concrete, plaster and screed,
  • Covering cracks upto 2 mm,
  • Mosaics and mosaic tiles,
  • Glass and glass brick,
  • Metals such as iron, steel and aluminum,
  • Roof coverings such as CTP, PVC and polycarbonate,
  • Wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens,
  • Parquet, wooden doors and window frames as a protecting coating and waterproofing material,
  • Joint combinations of all of the materials recommended above.
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