Epoxy resin based, double component, easy-to-apply, ready-to-use epoxy adhesive mortar with extended open time and reduced slip, and high bonding strength. Resistant to chemicals and bacteria, can be cleaned with water.

Application Areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor,
  • Horizontal and vertical applications,
  • Hospitals and all kinds of hygienic environments,
  • Swimming pools, thermal pools and wet areas,
  • Cheese, milk, wine, meat, fish and similar food industries,
  • Medicine, dyestuff, paper, accumulator and fertilizer industries,
  • Printing house, laundries, industrial kitchens and dining halls,
  • Places exposed to heavy pedestrian traffic such as shopping malls, terminals,
  • Floor heating systems,
  • Waste water and treatment facilities,
  • Bonding materials such as ceramic, tiles, marble, granite, ceramic resistant to acids, porcelain ceramic, glass mosaic and glass brick to be used in places listed above, on surfaces such as concrete, plaster and metals.