Transparent yellow color, hydrocarbon solvents and acrylic resin based, solvenborne liquid curing compound and surface protector which prevents quick loss of water and generates a protective layer, and reduces the abrasion by penetrating the capillary structure of the surface. Forms a film layer which reduces shrinkage cracks on the surface by preventing the water inside the fresh concrete from evaporating. Reduces surface abrasion by binding the particles on the surface stronger to each other.

Application Areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor,
  • All vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces,
  • Concrete, brick, stone and plaster coated wall surfaces,
  • Wooden, terracotta, concrete and screed floors indoors,
  • Right after fresh concrete and surface hardener applications for curing purposes,
  • Concrete applications where the air flow and evaporation is high and the moisture is low,
  • Surfaces which will later be covered with paint, ceramics, epoxy etc.
  • Airport and field concrete,
  • Concrete roads and bridges,
  • Canals and dams,
  • Retaining walls,
  • Terraces.